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Today, I want to introduce a nifty tool that’s been a game-changer for my Etsy shop: Drop-Edit. Picture this: managing your Etsy listings as effortlessly as tweaking a spreadsheet. That’s the magic of Drop-Edit. With just a CSV file, I can now oversee hundreds, theoretically thousands, of listings in my Etsy Shop. It’s like having a command center where I can tweak details, bulk edit, upload images, or switch up tags. It now handles bulk editing Etsy Listings for digital downloads.

The process is straightforward and efficient – a simple ‘Update on Etsy’ button links the tool to the Etsy API and, bingo, with my permission, it syncs with my Etsy shop. The instant updates are a huge time-saver.

And there’s more! This weekend, Drop-Edit (which is a subscription service) rolled out a brilliant new feature. Not only does it support Etsy>CSV, which is a lifesaver in itself, but now it also allows for bulk updating of digital downloads. Imagine the hassle saved! I managed to create and organize over 200 digital download listings on Etsy, seamlessly placing each digital item in its listing. Without Drop-Edit, this would have been a Herculean task, devouring time and patience.

Drop-Edit: drop-print.com/etsy/

I am proud to have been involved in coding the BETA of Drop-Edit and I’d be keen to hear your feedback. Currently its on 50% Sale.

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