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Filter Insta Results by tag w/ Social Feed Gallery

Occasionally I build websites for folks. Recently I’ve been replacing stale old static galleries with a slim WordPress plugin that sync’s a users’ feed to a local cache and formats it in a nice way for the visitor. Its easier to update for the client (if they have a smartphone) and the visitor doesn’t need to be ab Instagram user or have any knowledge of that site to view.

The plugin I use is Social Feed Gallery by Quadlayers. It breaks less than other plugins I’ve used in the past, most of the time it isn’t their fault. Instagram’s API seems to chop-and-change.

Anyway- this isn’t an advert. If you want to display a selection of your Instagram images on your WordPress website but you’d like to filter out certain images (I do this by way of a hashtag #nosync ) then add this script to your CSS:

[data-item*="no-sync"] {display: none!important;}

Remember to tag the relevant items #no-sync, then hit the ‘Cache’ refresh button in your Social Feed Gallery dashboard panel. As Steve would have said *boom*. Discovered this solution at Stack Exchange, full of helpful humans who still beat AI!

FTP Transfer using SSH

Yesterday I learned how to migrate to a new web host in a very satisfyingly geeky way. If you are on Mac OS open up Terminal (enable the Homebrew theme) dim the lights, or block them out if possible, stick on the Matrix Soundtrack from 1998 and prepare to login to SSH! Its command line and slightly overwhelming.

SSH gives a user access to a remote machine so you can run commands on that server… as if you were in the room. Like scren sharing in the command line. When migrating loads of files from one remote place to another this is great as it saves us a step. Rather than transferring gigabytes of data from one remote server to our local machine to then forward on to another remote machine we just login and get the two remote machines to sort it out between themselves. Up here in the Scottish Highlands I’m on a community owned broadband network and I’m almost certain our local internet guru would have something to say about 100’s of gigabytes flying around so that was my reason for stumbling upon this magic code.