‘Toxic’ Fish Farms

I made a reference to ‘Toxic’ fish farms in an earlier post. I thought I’d expand a little; thousands of fish in a cage does not make for a happy fish. It doesn’t matter if that cage is in a tank on land (where they should be) or situated in a picturesque Scottish Loch (where they currently are).

Fish in these cages/pens get diseases, the fish “farmers” (quotes indicate my raised eyebrow as farming equals husbandry) employ large amounts of chemicals to control such things as sea lice and other diseases. Talk to any fish farm employee (after a few) in any pub around here and they’ll tell you what happens when the dosage goes wrong; tonnes of dead fish. Literally tonnes. Eight tonnes was disposed of a few months ago according to a loud mouth employee in my local. I think he was trying to impress us with that number. Incinerated, according to him, by means of a contract with an Energy Company.

Some reading for you relating to toxic chemicals in Scottish Fish Farms:
For more news you can follow: facebook.com/issf.org.uk

Anyway, it appears the chemicals used at the concentrations mentioned on those webpages is toxic. I refer to these toxic fish farms as such; toxic. I put a stress on the word toxic and those who were lucky enough to know Chris Main of Glenelg might want to apply that man’s own idiosyncratic accent to the phrase; miserable fucking fish farm jobbie.

Speaking of the man, the legend, here’s a wonderfully illustrative video Chris made showing a fully functioning fish farm.

Note: in a functioning fish farm all the warning lights surrounding the cages/pens flash, as is their purpose. On occasion, it has been said, these lights fail to flash. Which might be dangerous. Nice of Chris to have captured the lights flashing here, for reference. Perhaps the fish farm companies have videos like this locked away somewhere for their own reference. Goodness knows where.

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